Nomad Games have just announced that there will be a new pack available for Talisman: Digital Edition called From the Ashes that will include the next three digital-exclusive expansions for the game PLUS it has been confirmed that The Ancient Beasts expansion will release on May the 16th, which is the same day that Talisman: Origins is releasing!

Welcome to the post-Cataclysm world of Talisman.

This pack contains three unique expansions that only exist in Talisman: Digital Edition. These expansions explore the awakened magic that is beginning to thrive now that the Cataclysm has been stopped and the Great Wizard has restored the Crown and brought calm to the land.

We also know what will be coming in the next two expansions for Talisman: Digital Edition!

First up we have The Clockwork Arcana expansion –

Innovation strikes the land of Talisman. Large clockwork towers, flying carriages and magical automatons appear in a frenzy. The rulers are no longer Kings and Princes but Inventors and Merchant Lords lead instead.

However, the Era of Invention has left some people behind who are unable to share in the wealth and prosperity. Remembering a time of simplicity steeped in tradition and mysticism they wish to bring the land of Talisman back to its former glory.

…and then we will see The Deep Sea expansion –

The gravity of the restored magic slowly breaks down the unknown swirling mists that have entrapped the island of Talisman for so long. An age of true calm appears to have settled in and around the lands.

The shores are finally revealed and the seas appear to be safe for exploration once again. Only the oldest generations of Talisman have memories of tales told of adventuring across the vast bodies of water surrounding the mystical borders.

Could there be something beyond the tides for the heroes of this world to find?

Players will have access to a brand new board environment that will surround the island of Talisman allowing players to traverse regions with new strategies.

Go and check out the Nomad Games’ Discord server for more information, including a breakdown of the contents for The Ancient Beasts expansion, by following the link below and then looking under Talisman > General.

Nomad Games on Discord

Talisman: Digital Edition on Steam

Talisman: Origins on Steam

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