I just noticed something vaguely interesting regarding the upcoming reprints of the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman over on the Pegasus Spiele site this week.

It seems that the reprints are broken down into THREE groups, available in September, October and November and it’s kind of underlined by the fact that only the September wave has box art uploaded at this moment.

If you follow the link, the first batch of the Talisman base game, Reaper, Dungeon, Frostmarch, Highland and Lost Realms is marked for September, with Sacred Pool, Dragon, Blood Moon and City for October and finally Firelands, Woodland, Harbinger and Cataclysm for November. This is true of both the German and English language versions.

There’s sadly no news as yet about whether the promotional cards Instructor and Doppelganger will be seeing a reprint.

Announced Talisman games at Pegasus Spiele

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