Take a sneaky peek at some new music for Talisman Digital on Discord!

If you weren’t aware, there’s a Discord server where you can discuss all aspects of the Nomad Games‘ catalogue of digital games, and you might also be party to some cool ‘teasers’ while you are there.

Today it’s been mentioned that the team is busy working on some additional music tracks for Talisman: Digital Edition and they’ve posted an early sample to give a taste of what’s to come!

Follow the link below and check out the Talisman > General channel to find out for yourself, and check out all of the other stuff there too – from Cat Lady, through the various iterations of Talisman, to Smash Up and Mystic Vale! Who knows… you might even stumble across some news about their new game – Fury of Dracula – in the coming months!?

Nomad Games on Discord

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