It’s alive!!

After a small delay while the gremlins were removed from the pipes, Talisman: Digital Edition by Nomad Games is now live on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch!

The base game of Talisman comes complete with three expansions, the City, the Sacred Pool and the Frostmarch to give you a head start with your adventures, but you can also buy a number of bundles which include an assortment of the various expansions available so far, plus the additional characters that you can play as.

If you want to snag the complete Talisman catalogue on Switch, you will have to wait until the 19th of March when three HUGE upgrade bundles will be available for ALL of the available expansions, ALL of the available characters or BOTH!

Sadly, I’ll have to wait until my daughter snags a copy before I can see how it plays on the Switch, but there’s always Christmas! Mind you, Santa still owes me a PlayStation 4 from when the game was released on that platform!

Talisman: Digital Edition on the Nintendo eShop

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