Posting about Talisman in ‘interesting times’…

So, we are in the middle of some weird stuff at the moment, and obviously news from the greater world of Talisman is going to be a bit sparse at this time, though some things have still been going ahead depending on the various working arrangements that have been put in place.

I’ll still be posting about anything I happen to find online about what’s coming, but for the minute it looks like it’ll be mostly random ‘stuff’.

I’ve been posting a few pics over on the Talisman Island Facebook page of things from my collection, and it seems I will finally have the time to catalogue the rest of the stuff in some form over the next few weeks or so.

I’m not sure how I’ll be doing it so it’ll probably just end up being a load of box shots, but some inspiration might strike me as I’m doing it (or more likely after I am 99% of the way through and will have to start again!)

Anyway, I’ve linked to the Facebook page below and you are welcome to join the Talisman Players Group on there as well.

I’m still failing at social media generally, so Twitter is mostly a load of retweets and I’ve only just started an Instagram and posted nothing as yet there! I had another thought the other day about resurrecting the old Talisman Boardgame Discussion Group from Yahoo on Groups.IO, but have not actually done much with that yet other than just setting up the group as I’m not sure if that’s something that would interest people.

The problem is that email groups seem to lose out to forum-based groups, but there is no real ‘centralised’ meeting place for people at the moment given the lack of posts (and organisation) on the old Fantasy Flight Games forums and being no dedicated forum on the Pegasus Spiele site.

The Polish Magia i Miecz forums are nice and busy, but I sometimes struggle with translation, plus most projects discussed there are in Polish! Nomad Games have their Discord server which is reasonably active, but predominantly (obviously) centred on the digital iterations of the game.

So, what to do? Not everyone uses social media, some people prefer email and some prefer forums so I’ve no idea what the answer is. Is there even a call for a dedicated meeting place for the discussion of Talisman?

Feel free to contact me on any medium if you have any ideas!


Talisman Island on Facebook

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