Nomad Games have just flicked that switch and the four new Legendary Decks and three new Characters are now live for Talisman: Digital Edition on Steam, iOS and Android!

Sadly due to delays over the current lockdowns, the Nintendo Switch version won’t be updated just yet, but you’ll soon be able to synch and play with the other platforms soon.

Legendary Decks, which make the vanilla decks in the game more challenging by upping the difficulty of Enemies and reducing some of the perks that other cards give you, are available currently for the base game plus The Reaper, The Dungeon and The Highland expansions and you can even get them a bit cheaper by getting them through bundles.

You can pick all four decks up at a discount as the Legendary Deck Collection, which gives you an automatic saving of 10% on the price and you can also save on the three new characters!

The Ranger, Swordsman and Witch Hunter characters are also available to purchase individually, but if you buy the All Characters Bundle, Steam will automatically remove any characters that you already own and you’ll get a nice 25% discount on any that you’ve yet to pick up!

Stay tuned as the plan is for more legendary decks along the way…

News Announcement from Nomad Games

Legendary Deck Collection on Steam

All Characters Bundle on Steam

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