It’s been a little while since I posted some news here, but as you know things haven’t exactly been ‘normal’ and the majority of my posting has been through the Talisman Island Facebook Page and the associated Talisman Boardgame Discussion Group there. As usual, I’ll try to do better, but it wouldn’t hurt (if you use the platform) to swing by and give the page a once over from time to time!

Anyway, during the quiet time, Talisman: The Horus Heresy from Nomad Games was removed from online stores due to the expiry of the associated licensing, but they had a pretty well publicised sale for its last weeks, so you’ve probably already picked it up!

As a result of this, Mattias Westlund, the talented chap behind the soundtracks for many of Talisman’s digital iterations, has remastered and rereleased the soundtrack to the game, under the new name of Heresy!

Get yourself over to Bandcamp and pick it up, and while you are there you can grab the ‘sequel’ to the soundtrack, named Imperium!

Heresy on Bandcamp

Imperium on Bandcamp

Talisman Island on Facebook

Talisman Boardgame Discussion Group on Facebook

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