Just when you think you’ve collected enough copies of Talisman, they go and release another one!

I noticed on BoardGameGeek today that someone had uploaded a new cover image for the Korean-language localisation of the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman, and on further investigation it seems that they are releasing The Reaper expansion too!

It seems that Mandoo Games is the publisher and sales are made via Hobby Game Mall in Korea, though I could be mistaken about that.

The problem I now face is whether to pick these up or not!?

I’ve resisted recent releases as there seemed no real benefit to picking up the same edition of the game when reprinted by another publisher, but of course this is a completely new edition. Add to that The Frostmarch expansion recently released by REXhry in the Czech Republic and The Reaper expansion coming soon from MasQueOca in Spain and you can see how it snowballs!

That’s not even taking into consideration the localisations of Talisman: Legendary Tales in French, Japanese and Polish from Matagot, Hobby Japan and Galakta!!!

Send help…

Mandoo Games

Hobby Game Mall

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