I’m a little late to the party with this news (though I did post about it on the Talisman Island Facebook page!) that Pegasus Spiele have announced that Tim Huckelbery has been hired as their new US Studio Editor and Talisman Brand Manager!

Tim has a long pedigree in the gaming industry, having worked for Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games (amongst others!) in the past, even being responsible for the 3rd Edition reprint of Talisman whilst he was with GW USA!

The exciting bit about this news is that it appears that Pegasus Spiele will be putting more focus on the Talisman ‘brand’ in future, so we should see lots of news going forward.

Fingers crossed after we see the physical copies of the new Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG we might hear some more about the Talisman card game – Clash of Heroes – and the dice game that was also in development.

I wouldn’t say no to an expansion for Talisman: Legendary Tales either!

Maybe we’ll finally get to see if anything is happening with the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman and the expansion that was teased last year during SPIEL at Essen.

This weekend sees CONspiracy 4, another online convention from Pegasus Spiele, where I believe we will see a stream from the US Studio with some of the current and upcoming products, so here’s hoping for namechecks for Talisman!

Announcement at Pegasus Spiele

Talisman Island on Facebook

CONspiracy 4 at Pegasus Spiele

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