Wow… what a day it’s been!

First up was the launch of this year’s Warhammer Skulls promotion from Games Workshop that features a ton of licensed video game content (and more!) and the big news from that was the appearance of Talisman: Digital Edition from Nomad Games on Xbox for the first time.

It’s on sale too, so get in quick!

Then there was some new licensed merchandise on show from the Warhammer Merch Store, so I was forced to order one of the Talisman White Dwarf cover t shirts to take advantage of the ‘2 for £30’ offer… obviously…

…and now I find out that some online stores over in Australia and New Zealand have the cover art for the new Talisman: Harry Potter Edition from The Op on their preorder pages!!

All this and it’s only Thursday too!

Warhammer Skulls News at Warhammer Community

Talisman Digital at the Microsoft Store

Talisman Licensed Products at Warhammer Merchandise

Talisman Harry Potter at Advent Games

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