So, I finally removed myself from the timesink and general recipe for bad headspace that is Facebook, and am now concentrating on the site proper, and a little bit of Twitter.

Of course, as soon as I did that I discovered some news that I’d not seen about the newest expansion to be localised into Spanish by MasQueOca, La Marcha Helada (The Frostmarch) which will be released at some point towards the end of the year!

I was also sent a couple of expansions by the prolific Reedstilt to upload to the site, which you can grab right now in the Resources section of the site.

In other news, UK Games Expo began today in its limited form, and I believe there is some Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG being played there today and tomorrow with Jimi, so if you are there you should look him up.

I’ve no other information about what might be going on there, but if you happen to see anything on your travels, please fire over an email with the hot gossip.

It looks like the new Talisman: Harry Potter Edition from The Op is now going to be available in September, but obviously things aren’t quite back to normal by any stretch so we’ll see how that goes. I’m surprised that there’s been no official announcement as yet, but I’m sure it’s all in hand for a big splash at some point.

That’s about all I can think of for now, but hopefully I’ll be posting more going forward as previously mentioned, so I’ll see you soon!

La Marcha Helada at MasQueOca

UK Games Expo

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