Promo cards for Talisman: Harry Potter in Polish and Italian!

It seems that our friends over in Poland and Italy are getting a bit of a treat when it comes to the release of their localised versions of Talisman: Harry Potter Edition!

As announced yesterday by Galakta, you can preorder the game on their website, and you’ll be able to pick up Bezoar and Felix Felicis, which are promo cards for the two region decks in the game.

I also checked and found that Asmodee Italia also have their stock of the game now listed on the site, and according to a number of FLGS the promos will also be available in Italian!

Now I wonder if The Op Games has arranged for a printing of English-language versions? Hmmm…

Announcement at Galakta

Talisman: Harry Potter at Asmodee Italia

Promo card store page at Dungeon Dice

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