Well, after a bit of a panic last week when the site went down, it was just a matter of sorting out a new theme for the site to make it all work again nicely.

The new theme is called Fairy Dark, and it’s quite similar to the old Akita theme, but that one hadn’t been updated in quite a while and broke when the latest version of PHP was added to the site.

I’ve pondered going with the premium version of the theme, but it seems the only thing missing that I might find useful would be social media icons, so I’m going to hold off for now.

The sidebar has changed as I think whatever code I used was peculiar to Akita, so I’ve left it simple for now and added site links to the menu at the top of the page.

In order to put some pages back into “full width” mode, I’d have to go through and change them individually so have only changed a few of the download pages. I’m actively searching for a decent downloads plugin though, so the format of downloads might change at some point to make it easier to manage (and to search!)

The new theme also uses a larger font, which is great for aging Talisman fans like myself!

*Edit to remove donation information.

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