It’s been a few weeks of no definitive news from Avalon Hill regarding the upcoming release of Talisman 5th Edition and its expansion, Talisman: Alliances. To keep myself busy, I’ve been mostly searching for the games on various sites and figured I should probably make a list here for those of you that don’t use Facebook.

Just to note that Facebook is my main dumping ground for information before posting here if the news is juicy enough.

So, the stores that have listed them are mostly in the Nordic countries, so kudos to whoever that distributor is!

Release dates on the sites are all subject to change, so just bear that in mind when preordering.

More news as we hear it!

Alphaspel (Pages 1 and 3)

Faraos Cigarer

Zatu Games

Science Fiction Bokhandeln

Puolenkuun Pelit

Dungeon Dice




World of Boardgames

Ozzie Collectables

Spel & Sånt

Dragon’s Lair

CPA Distributor (Not a shop!)

Let’s Play Games (Not a shop!)

K.I.D. Toy (Not a shop!)

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