Thanks very much to Seb for giving me a heads up that Hasbro have now put a page online for Talisman 5th Edition from Avalon Hill, with lots of images of the game and components!

What’s also worth looking at is a How to Play video which looks fantastic!

In other news, despite the usual deflections at the launch about expansions for the new edition of the game, if you are lucky enough to be visiting Gen Con Indy, you will be able to play Talisman along with its new expansion ahead of its official release!

Now, we already know that the expansion will be called Talisman: Alliances, which maybe hints at co-op play, or something alignment-based, but does “The Portal of Power opens once more…” hint at something new for the Inner Region? New Endings perhaps?

More news when we hear it!

Talisman Product Page at Hasbro Shop

Event Bookings at Gen Con Indy

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