Hello there, this is Jon posting the news today.

As is typical with many 16 year olds, Talisman Island is currently sulking as I would not let her have a bouncy castle and she is now locked in her room listening to loud music and tutting!

The transfer of the site from the old format to the new is nearly complete, and hopefully I can start to concentrate on a few things before too long.

As for updates, I thought I would share something that I discovered recently, and have amended the Talisman 3rd Edition miniatures page with alternate paint schemes and the French 3rd Edition World Tour page as a result of it.

I am rather excited for the next update for Talisman: Digital Edition, which will see the addition of The Highland expansion, amongst other things, along with cross-platform multiplayer. You can still pre-order the expansion on Steam, and there is even a sale on the Android and iOS versions of the game and Talisman: Prologue.

Fingers crossed that the Talisman plug-ins for Strange Eons 3 will get made soon. All I need is an extra three days in every week and I should have it done before I retire. Hopefully…

Sadly, there is no competition organised this time around, but I will try to think of something in the near future.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for now. News will be back to normal soon, once I can get Talisman Island out of her bedroom…

Forgotten Paint Schemes
French World Tour
Nomad Games
Strange Eons

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