It’s finally here!

Talisman: The Horus Heresy from Nomad Games has now been unlocked on Steam, along with some additional downloads to expand your play experience.

There are currently two character packs available, named Heroes and Villains, each adding a Loyalist and Traitor Warlord to your game, along with their own Legions and additional Stratagems and Dataslates.

You can also snag yourself a copy of the great soundtrack for the game, created by Mattias Westlund who also worked on Talisman: Digital Edition and Talisman: Prologue.

If you want to save yourself a few bob, there is a discount on the game over on the Steam store page for the first week, though you can save a bit more if you purchase directly from the Nomad Games website!

Nomad Games Web Site

Mattias Westlund’s Web Site

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