Those hard working boffins at Nomad Games have been busy recently, and they have just made a couple of announcements about the two expansions that they are currently working on.

Talisman: Digital Edition will see The Blood Moon expansion with its special Day & Night mechanic, which is echoed on the screen as the land grows dark. New cards will expand the Adventure deck, and new Characters will battle for the Crown of Command. Look out for the new NPC, the Werewolf, who stalks the night!

Talisman: The Horus Heresy is getting a new expansion too, in the shape of The Isstvan Campaign. A whole new region to explore which introduces a host of new Dataslates and Warlords that are connected to that campaign.

Check out the Nomad’s website for more news as it comes, or better still sign up for their newsletter to get the news sent to you!

Nomad Games Website

Talisman Digital at Nomad Games

The Horus Heresy at Nomad Games

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