Bundle Stars has been running a range of offers over the last week on various titles, and tonight they’ve only gone and added Talisman: Digital Edition from Nomad Games to the mix!

Unbelievably, at the lowest tier level you can pick up Talisman: Digital Edition for Steam along with 3 items of DLC for 69p! Yes! Sixty Nine Pence!

If you have a bit more cash spare you can get everything released so far for the game for a ridiculous price of £9.89, saving up to 93%!!

The deals are as follows –

Tier One – £0.69
Talisman: Digital Edition, The Complete Runestone Deck, plus the Exorcist & Courtesan Character Packs!

Tier Two – £2.99
All of the above PLUS The Highland Expansion, plus the Devil’s Minion, Genie, Martyr & Gambler Character Packs!

Tier Three – £5.99
All of the above PLUS The Dungeon, The Sacred Pool & The Reaper Expansions, plus the Black Witch, Apprentice Mage, Shape Shifter & Shaman Character Packs! Yes, the Shaman too!

Tier Four – £9.89
All of the above PLUS The Firelands, The Blood Moon, The City, The Frostmarch & The Nether Realm Expansions, plus the Illusionist, Jester, Goblin Shaman, Martial Artist & Saracen Character Packs!

If you’ve been holding off, this is definitely the sale that you have been waiting for!

I’m going to have to go and rest now as I’ve used up all of my exclamation marks…

Talisman Bundle at Bundle Stars

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