The time is nearly upon us, for tomorrow we can play Talisman!

Thanks very much to Dave from legendary Mancunian home of gaming, Fan Boy Three for posting the above image with their new stock of Games Workshop‘s reprint of Talisman earlier today (along with lyrics to a song that you will know… check it out!)

As you can see, they have the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman along with The Reaper, The City, The Blood Moon, The Dragon, The Woodland and The Harbinger expansions.

As I’ve suggested on the Talisman Island Facebook page, if your local shop doesn’t have stock of Talisman and the newly reprinted expansions, then you should encourage them to get in touch with their regional distributors to start carrying the line. Coiledspring Games in the UK, Lion Rampant in Canada and Alliance Games Distributors in the US. I’ve no idea about European or other areas, but I’m sure someone will point them out to me!

With a bit of luck I should be able to bring you a review of the reprint along with a comparison to the Fantasy Flight Games printing, but as yet my copies are still “elsewhere”.

Hopefully there will also be some news in the near future about the other expansions for the game that need a reprint!

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