Cross-Platform Purchasing now available for Talisman Digital!

Well, the boffins at Nomad Games did say that there was a major announcement being made today, and they weren’t wrong!

Talisman: Digital Edition was updated this morning with an big update to the game setup UI plus a few other new features and some bug fixes that have been held over from The Harbinger Expansion.

The biggest part of the update is that, thanks to the partnership with Asmodee Digital, there is now Cross-Platform Purchasing of expansions between the Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game!

All you need to do is spark up your main version of the game, sign into your (free!) Asmodee account and then follow the prompts. You can find some instructions for the process. plus the latest patch notes, by following the link below.

Announcement on Steam

Talisman Digital at Nomad Games

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