I Reami Perduti (The Lost Realms) is now available from Giochi Uniti!

Italian-speaking fans of Talisman​ can be happy today as I Reami Perduti, the expansion that combines The Nether Realm and The Deep Realms expansions is finally on sale via the Giochi Uniti web store.

There is no news yet as to whether another publisher might print other language versions of the collection (English?), but Games Workshop has been a bit quiet of late on the Talisman front.

Hopefully we will see some other news pertaining to Talisman and Relic at the UK Games Expo, as Games Workshop, Pegasus Spiele and Wizkids all have stands there.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for Talisman Island as I’ll be uploading anything I see during my visit there on Friday the 1st of June.

Product Page at Giochi Uniti

UK Games Expo Website

Talisman Island on Facebook

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