It would appear to be time to keep an eye on news coming from Games Workshop‘s direction regarding the future of Talisman over the next few weeks.

Thanks to an enquiry from Kyle Schilling and posted on the Talisman Players Facebook Group it seems that we will be getting something next year, but what we just don’t know!

The main text from the exchange is as follows –

“Games Workshop has ceased production of Talisman, both the Revised 4th Edition and the expansion sets…

A new business has picked up the license and is set to start releasing products sometime in 2019…

…I don’t know if they will be re-releasing the existing content, or creating entirely new material.”

I’d hope that something will come out at one of the bigger games events such as Tabletop Gaming Live (next weekend) or Essen Spiel in October.

Exciting times!

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