The Realm of Souls is coming to Talisman Digital Edition!

After the boffins at Nomad Games shared a couple of ghostly teasers over the last month, a beta version of a totally new expansion for Talisman: Digital Edition has just gone into testing with a bunch of other improvements to the new game engine.

The Realm of Souls Expansion is the first content (besides Character Packs) from Nomad Games that is exclusive to the digital version of Talisman and from what I’ve seen it’s going to be awesome!

The expansion deals with life after death in the lands of Talisman and when your character is killed, they become a Ghost and encounter ‘Spirit Cards’ as they travel around the realm of the King of The Dead. There are also three new characters to play with along with new Adventure Cards, Spells and Endings.

Beta Announcement on Steam Forums

Something new for Talisman Digital?

Ghostly goings-on in Talisman Digital?

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