If you’ve been looking forward to seeing just which characters from the Kingdom Hearts universe will be appearing in the new licensed Talisman game from USAopoly this July, you are in luck. Sadly the full character list for Batman is not yet available, but we should see some nice reveals from USAopoly in the coming weeks!

ACD Distribution has put up pages for the games which have the expected retail prices, which will be $69.95 each, and the full contents which are as follows:

Talisman: Batman – Super-Villains Edition:

Custom Illusrated Game Board
12 Character cards
Batman card
102 Encounter cards
24 Feat cards
28 Purchase cards
4 Security Key cards
4 Alignment tokens
6 Six-Sided dice
12 Custom sculpted character figures
Custom sculpted Batman figure
6 Stat boards
30 Coins
30 Encounter tokens and 36 Fate tokens

Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition:

Game Board
102 Adventure Cards
30 pairs of Adventure Card Tokens
22 Spell Cards
6 Stat Boards with Health, Strength & Magic Dials
36 Fate Tokens
28 Purchase Cards
4 Keyblade Cards
11 Character Cards
11 Plastic Figures: Sora, Kairi, Ventus, Donald, Mickey, Xion, Riku, Goofy, Aqua, Terra, Mulan
4 Heartless Character Cards
30 Munny
Two 6-sided Dice

I posted some ponderings about the new Batman game last week, but for Kingdom Hearts we can assume that Talismans are replaced by Keyblades, Toads are Heartless, Gold is Munny and the game will feature attribute dials, like those seen previously in Relic (and Batman). Only 2 dice though??

More news as we find it!

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