The store pages over on the Pegasus Spiele website have just been updated with entries for all of the upcoming reprints of the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman and its expansions, and they are all listed for September this year.

Well, all except for Das Hochland, Die Feuerlande and Kataklysmus which are listed as August, but they could be typos!

An interesting addition is the translated versions of I Reami Perduti (The Lost Realms), originally produced by Giochi Uniti, which now has a working title of The Realms or Die Königreiche (The Kingdoms… I think).

You’ll have noted that in the Pegasus Spiele 2019 Catalogue, the preview image features the name The Lost Realms but, as we know, these things are subject to change.

What’s great to see are the retail prices listed for the game, with the base game of Talisman at €49.95, “small” expansions at €19.95, “large” expansions at €34.95. Cataclysm is listed at €39.95, but you do get a lot in the box. The Realms expansion is marked at €14.95, which has no miniatures of course!

There’s nothing new to share yet about Talisman: The Card Game – Clash of Heroes or Talisman Adventures – The Fantasy Role Playing Game, but I believe that they are still expected to be released at Gen Con in August. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some advance copies of the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman there too?!

Talisman on the Pegasus Spiele Store

2019 Catalogue at Pegasus Spiele   English

2019 Catalogue at Pegasus Spiele   Deutsch

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