Sometimes, you just sit at home and have a root around the search engines to see if there are any tidbits of news about your favourite board game, which is Talisman, by the way!

Other times, you just have to look in front of your nose. So I did.

Today, I noticed that Pegasus Spiele had a catalogue up on their site, featuring all of the games that they are pushing for 2019, and got very excited when I found a reference to the upcoming licenses game of Talisman – Das Kartenspiel: Clash of Heroes along with a mockup of the box art, provisional contents list and a game overview in German. There was also an entry for Talisman: Legendäre Abenteuer and the previously noted German-language reprint of Talisman: Die Magische Suche, 4. Edition.

Then I got to thinking if there might be an English-language version of the catalogue and… OMG was there!!!

The “US Catalog 2019” not only features a whole section dedicated to the Talisman World that Pegasus Spiele is adding all sorts of great stuff to, but also a few surprises!

Talisman: Legendary Tales, Talisman: The Card Game – Clash of Heroes, Talisman: Adventures – The Fantasy Role Playing Game and a full reprint of the entire back catalogue for the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman, INCLUDING The Nether Realm and The Deep Realms expansions in the new boxed format recently championed by Giochi Uniti in I Reami Perduti or The Lost Realms expansion!!!

I’m not going to be posting any content lists or what have you here, as things are obviously subject to change, but my goodness there’s a lot of stuff happening with Talisman this year, and we’ve also got new content coming for Talisman: Digital Edition from Nomad Games, two licensed versions of Talisman to come from USAopoly, the two new editions of Relic from WizKids and a dice game still to come from Pegasus Spiele!!!

More news when we hear it and when I’ve stocked up on more exclamation marks!!!!

2019 Catalogue at Pegasus Spiele   English

2019 Catalogue at Pegasus Spiele   Deutsch

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