The land of Talisman has suffered at the hands of man. Wizards and witches have scorched the earth, warriors and combatants have left blood and bodies across every available space, heroes and adventurers have given little regard to sacred soil that exists beneath their feet.

Now, something is stirring… The quest for the crown is no longer the main concern of heroes when the long dormant behemoths and titans of Talisman finally wake from their slumber…

Well, following hot on the heels of the new teaser image from the next expansion for Talisman: Digital Edition from Nomad Games is the news that the it’s now entered beta!

The working title for the new expansion is Ancient Beasts, and is quite apt given the artwork that we’ve seen spoiled this last week.

More news as it happens!

Nomad Games on Discord

Beta Announcement on Steam

Talisman: Digital Edition on Steam

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