It’s been a while since I posted some news due to life and other reasons, but I figured I’d better post something today after today’s Licensing Preview on the Warhammer TV stream on Twitch.

To my surprise the new reprintings of the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman were featured along with boxes shown for the main game plus The Reaper, The Dungeon, The Frostmarch, The Highland and The Lost Realms expansions!

Not only that, but the new Talisman Adventures Fantasy Roleplaying Game got a mention, and Talisman: Legendary Tales too!

What was quite exciting though was the fact that it was mentioned that the game will be appearing in Polish (which we knew), Russian, Hebrew and a bunch of other languages!

Hopefully we will find out just which other languages those will be soon as we already know that German, Italian and French are already planned.

If you have a subscription you can look back at today’s live stream, or you can swing by the Pegasus Spiele physical and digital webstores to see what’s coming next!

Warhammer TV on Twitch

Talisman in the Pegasus Spiele Webstore

Talisman in the Pegasus Digital Webstore

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