There are no pics at the moment, but three new products have been added to the Pegasus Spiele store in readiness for the upcoming release of the Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG!

*UPDATE* There are now product pics for the books! Wow!!!

First up is the Talisman Adventures RPG Core Rulebook (Hardcover) which is priced at €49.99, then we have the Talisman Adventures RPG Core Rulebook (Hardcover) *Limited Edition* priced at €69.99, and something that I didn’t expect just yet, Talisman Adventures RPG Accessory Pack (Dice & Tokens) which will cost you €14.99!

The expected date for these seems to be the 15th of November, so you should be able to snag them before Christmas! No news as yet on the promised GM Screen and Starter Box, but I’ll keep my eyes open for those.

In other news it was mentioned over on Twitter recently that there will be a German language version of the RPG coming next year, so that’s another thing to look out for!

Talisman products on the Pegasus Spiele store

(Artwork shown – Broken Bridge from the Talisman Adventures Core Book)

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