It’s good to know that the Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG from Pegasus Spiele is getting a whole heap of love at the moment, and the latest paid release for the game is a PDF download called The Briar Rose, one of the new Tales of the Realm for the game.

You can even bundle it with the main game download if you haven’t already pulled the trigger!

Just to add, that I’ll be uploading a new homebrew adventure for the game courtesy of Jimi Fallows who has been running it at the various online conventions in the last year. I just have to make up something to stick on the page as a title graphic, so please check back soon!

For the minute though, you can find it at Jimi’s most excellent blog – Maugrim’s Thaumaturgical Workshop – and if you get it from there he’ll have to keep updating it!

Link below!

In other news, the Big Bad Toy Store has come up trumps again with some new promotional shots of the new Talisman: Harry Potter Edition from The Op which should be with us before too long.

You can get a sense of how the game will play out, with separate decks for the Outer and Middle Regions, Talismans being replaced by Deathly Hallows and if you want to use Armour, it looks like you’re going to want a box of Chocolate Frogs!

As expected, I’m having a go at making some ‘look a like’ cards to make some characters up, but those will be made available when I’m happy with them, and likely after I actually have the game in hand!

Talisman Adventures at Drive Thru RPG

Talisman: Harry Potter at Big Bad Toy Store

Maugrim’s Thaumaturgical Workshop

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