A short while ago I made a post with a list of projected release dates for some of the French localisations of the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman from Matagot and a couple of licensed versions from Asmodee Italia, and it seems that they have slipped a little due to whatever is going on in the world currently.

The entire batch of new localised expansions in French (Highland, City, Blood Moon, Sacred Pool, Dragon, Woodland and Lost Realms) have been put back to January 2022, the Italian translation of Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition is now marked as December 2021* and the Talisman: Star Wars Edition translation is not mentioned at all!

*This has now slipped to January too…

The GM’s Kit from Pegasus Spiele is likely running a little late too, as the recently released Accessory Pack for Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG has only just been made available.

I’ve no idea what is happening with the previously announced card game Talisman: Clash of Heroes, as there has been a complete absence of news on that front. In fact, the news well has been completely dry of late from all corners of the globe apart from a few snippets gleaned here and there.

Here’s to something over the next few weeks/months as we head towards 2022!

Talisman at the Matagot & Friends store

Upcoming releases at Asmodee Italia

Talisman at the Pegasus Spiele store

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