News seems to be coming thick and fast with regards to localisations of the licensed versions of Talisman from The Op Games!

Today’s revelation is from Polish publisher Galakta, who will be bringing a localised version of Talisman: Kingdom Hearts and Talisman: Harry Potter to the market!

It also explains a bit about why there’s been no news about the Talisman: Star Wars versions from both Galakta and Asmodee Italia. It would seem that those are no longer being developed due to whatever licensing issues are involved, so sadly the only localised version of that game that you’ll be able to find will be the recent release by Pegasus Spiele.

Referring to the latest bit of news on Talisman Island about Matagot‘s missing upcoming games, the panic is over and they’ve reappeared on the web store and are still aiming for a January release! Hoorah for that!


Announcement at Galakta

Coming Soon at Asmodee Italia

Talisman at Pegasus Spiele

Talisman at Matagot & Friends

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