A look at Legendary Decks in Digital Edition, and a small Talisman Watch update!

The industrious elves at Nomad Games are still busying themselves with the latest Legendary Deck releases for Talisman: Digital Edition that will be coming later this month, and they’ve written up a pretty cool article detailing just what goes into rejigging decks for the game to make them more challenging!

Stay tuned for more news about when the new decks for the Frostmarch, Sacred Pool, City and Blood Moon expansions will be available!

Legendary Deck Design Deep-Dive at Nomad Games

In other news, there’s been yet another update on the Matagot & Friends webstore with some new dates of when we can expect the various outstanding French localisations.

CORRECT AS AT 01/02/2022

Matagot & Friends – LINK

Available –
Legendary Tales, Revised 4th Edition, Reaper, Dungeon, Frostmarch, Firelands

Coming April –
Highland, Sacred Pool

Coming May –
City, Woodland

Coming June –
Cataclysm, Lost Realms

Coming July –
Dragon, Blood Moon

Coming August –


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