Talisman Steam codes from Nomad Games to be won this weekend!

As I mentioned yesterday over on Facebook, what with it being some kind of special occasion for our favourite board game this weekend, I have a number of Steam codes for the digital Talisman games from those generous folks at Nomad Games!

All you need to do, to be in with a chance of winning one of the five sets of four digital codes, is to send over a picture of you playing a game of Talisman (any edition!) over the weekend for the 40th Anniversary and I’ll pick five winners at random on Monday or Tuesday!

It’s probably best to post them via the FB post, but I’ll also accept entries via email and I’ll probably repost this on Sunday to remind people with a pic of my planned game, but I’m sure we’ll get it sorted!

** Just to note that I’ll assume that I’m allowed to post each of the pictures in a little gallery on the site to mark the event, so let me know if that’s a problem and I’ll not include it, though I will still count it as an entry! **

To maybe give you the push to actually get a game going this weekend, I’ve added a pic of Katie B’s epic 3D setup for Revised 4th Edition that’ll be getting a run out tomorrow! She’ll be using her new 2nd Edition 3D setup on Sunday, and I have a great article from her to post on Talisman Island soon!

I look forward to seeing how many of you are up for a game this weekend!

Happy Adventuring!

Reposted from Talisman Island on Facebook

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