Talisman 40th Anniversary recap!

Well, the 40th Anniversary of Talisman came and went over the weekend and many games were played and there was much rejoicing!

A small gallery of some of the games played can be seen over on the Talisman Island Facebook page, along with a list of the lucky winners of the code packages donated by those lovely folk over at Nomad Games!

As a little bonus for fans, I published a couple of characters for the 1st and 2nd Editions of Talisman on Facebook too, but I’ve also uploaded them to the site under Resources > Expansions > 1st & 2nd Edition if you navigate through the menus above.

Finally, Talisman superfan – Katie B – has excelled herself once again with a blow by blow description of her game on November the 5th and it’s fantastic! There are a ton of awesome pics of her 2nd Edition 3D playing area too, which will be featured in another article once I can get it transcribed (although the PDF format seems to work really well for offline reading!)

Talisman 40th Anniversary Gallery on Facebook

Katie B’s Talisman 40th Anniversary Adventure

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