Well, it’s been pretty quiet on the Talisman front for quite a while now, but eagle-eyed Talisman fan – Nicholas Linindoll – has spotted what looks like a new version of Talisman and an expansion coming from Avalon Hill!

Nicholas posted a link over on the Talisman Boardgame Discussion Group on Facebook (and on Reddit!) and you can see the details for yourself.

Interesting to note is that the box sizes are also included. The main game is listed as being the standard size of 30cm x 30cm x 6cm, but the expa(n)sion shows as 27cm x 20cm x 4cm which is totally different to what we are used to, but with plenty of room for extra content!

Exciting times!!

Talisman Boardgame Discussion Group on Facebook

Store entries at K.I.D. Toy

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