The tiniest news update on the new Talisman from Avalon Hill?! (It’s coming in July!)


Well, that didn’t take long!

July it is! (LINK)


Hmmm, and just like that, they’re gone!

I guess now we wait. ⏳

*repost from Facebook*

Well, either I’m going a bit mad or there has been a slight change made to the entry for Avalon Hill GamesTalisman and its Expa(n)sion over on the Jouet KID Toy webstore.

A date has appeared… and it’s today… the 16th of February 2024.

What does this mean? Probably not a great deal, but it definitely means that the page has been curated so something must be up!

Come on Hasbro Gaming, give us a sign!!

Talisman store entries at K.I.D. Toy

Talisman Island on Facebook

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