New character packs coming for Talisman Digital… and Backgammon!

Nomad Games have made some posts on social media in the last couple of days about the next lot of character packs for Talisman: Digital Edition!

The Jester and Goblin Shaman will be available for purchase during the next week, so that will complete the set of characters first seen in Mephisto Magazine.

I suspect there will be a couple of updates coming for the City expansion too, so keep an eye on your game client and get playing with the new characters.

Talisman Digital Edition

Also in the last week, the Nomads have published a new game on Steam that is not Talisman-related at all, but worthy your attention nonetheless.

Developed by VooFoo Studios, Backgammon Blitz, is a faithful recreation of yet another classic board game, but one slightly older than Talisman!

The game looks (and plays) great, with a selection of designer boards to play on plus solo and online play to boot.

Backgammon Blitz

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