Omnitray, the Modular Board Game Organiser, debuts on Kickstarter

Followers of the Talisman Island Facebook page will have seen me posting about Omnitray from Fat Cat Gaming this last week, and the news is that the Kickstarter for it has now launched!

Even better than that, the campaign funded within about half an hour!!

I’ll be posting a little overview of the Omnitray and just what it can be used for later in the week, but in the mean time you can go and read more about it on the campaign page over on Kickstarter.

I’ve had one for a little while, and it works really well for the Revised 4th Edition of Talisman and I’ve even tried it out with Relic, though it would need a little tweak to cope with the level markers.

You might want to check out the Fat Cat Gaming site whilst you are at it as they make some other handy stuff.

Omnitray Kickstarter Page

Fat Cat Gaming on Facebook

Fat Cat Gaming Store

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