Following on from the recent release of a free version of Talisman Lite on the App Store for people on iOS, for a limited time you can now pick up the Android version of Talisman: Digital Edition for FREE over on the Google Play Store!

In other news, during recent dev livestreams on Twitch and in the Steam forums, a proposed release road map of some sort has been given for the new few months –

The Woodsman character pack should be with us in the next couple of weeks or so, with The Deep Realms expansion around May/June time. The Woodland expansion should follow around June/July and the Pathfinder character pack at some point after that. The Cataclysm expansion is hopefully going to be out before the end of the year, but could be early in 2019!

Talisman Digital on the Google Play Store

Talisman Lite on the iOS App Store

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