Nomad Games have pressed the various buttons that they have control over and the four new Legendary Decks for Talisman: Digital Edition are now live on whatever platform you care to play the game on! (I believe there are a couple of small delays, but keep checking back if they aren’t available on your preferred game engine.)

Players can now revisit some of the most popular expansions, but with perhaps a bit more of an edge in the Frostmarch, Sacred Pool, City and Blood Moon expansions!

In other news, the boffins at Galakta have been showing off some pics of the new localised version of Talisman: Harry Potter from The Op Games over on their Facebook page and it’s looking rather nice!

That’s just about all for now apart from to mention that my Game Master’s Kit for the Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG from Pegasus Spiele is now on its way to me!

Oh, and sorry for the tardiness of this post, but it’s been a busy couple of days!


Announcement at Nomad Games

Galakta on Facebook

Talisman at Pegasus Spiele

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