You might not be aware of the unofficial Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG Discord server that’s frequented by fans and, perhaps more interestingly, Ian Lemke the designer of the game!

Well, over in the general discussion channel, there have been a couple of interesting snippets of information, namely that the Tales of the Dungeon source book for the game is currently ‘at the printers’ and the other books – Tales of the City and Myths & Monsters are well underway. There’s also a new PDF adventure due to be released, which I believe is to be named The Lady’s Tomb, though that could just be another bonus title to be going on with!

Most recently, Ian has posted a few pieces of artwork from the upcoming books that is simply stunning! I’ve added the Verdant Witch to this post, but won’t spoil any more of the surprise for you, so get yourself over to the Discord server and take a look at the rest of them, including “Old Bony Fingers” himself!

There’s a bit of sad news it seems however, as according to a follow up post on the Pegasus Spiele forum, there will no longer be a German language version of the Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG produced. I’m kind of hoping that the auto translation of the page is wrong, but I think it’s unlikely. Please let me know if I’m mistaken!

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