The Realm of Souls expansion continues in beta over on Steam, and the time is ticking down to release, and to help pass the time while we wait for the release I have another image for you to ponder over!

This time around it is Remnant of the Other Side, one of the new Spells that comes with the expansion, that allows you grab a Soulbound card from somewhere on the board. If you are unfamiliar with the term Soulbound, it is used for an Object or Follower who stays with you when you pass through the veil to the Realm of Souls (or vice versa).

Hopefully we’ll find out a little more in the coming weeks from Nomad Games and Asmodee Digital, but in the mean time I have a few more sneak peeks to show you, so come back soon!

Realm of Souls Beta Announcement on Steam

Talisman: Digital Edition at Nomad Games

Talisman: Digital Edition at Asmodee Digital

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