Overdue news update on the State of the Talisman Nation…

Hello! Yes, we are still here! Still searching for anything Talisman-related and mostly coming up empty…

I figured I’d update today rather than people maybe getting mixed up with a potential April Fool’s Day prank (which I don’t do as I think they are a bit cruel, especially with something as notoriously fragile as any Talisman licence!)

So… the Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG appears to be no more, at least with Pegasus Spiele. This has been suspected for some time, but it all came to a head last Friday when all of the digital and physical products were removed from the Pegasus Spiele and Pegasus Digital stores. The Revised 4th Edition of Talisman has been MIA for some time now, and all that remains of the range is the German localisations of Talisman: Legendary Tales and Talisman: Star Wars Edition.

It is however still available (up to press), along with most of the other Talisman products, via the Pegasus North America webstore, so maybe they’ve been allowed to clear inventory for the moment, or maybe it’s another market… who can tell?

Talisman Game World at Pegasus NA

There’s been a bit of chatter about the game possibly being moved to another publisher, but I think that’s probably come from my musing about Cubicle 7 having most, if not all, of the Warhammer licences for RPGs, and they’ve even produced a card game based in the WFRP Universe. The main issue is that their roleplaying systems are based on using a d20, whereas Talisman Adventures uses the 3d6 system, that seems to belong to Pegasus Spiele.

Anyway, obviously if I hear anything at all, I post about it here, but for now… there’s silence.

In the mean time, if your FLGS has stock available, please take a pic and let me know and I’ll try to pass on the news via the Talisman Island Facebook page for those still hunting down certain titles.

Thanks, Jon

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